Restoring an iPhone 6 from an older iPhone causes the SoftToken to fail


After upgrading an iPhone from an older version to iPhone 6, the AuthAnvil SoftToken is either requesting to be activated or not opening properly.

If you have performed a backup using iCloud Backup from an older iPhone 5/5s, 4/4s etc and attempted to restore the app on an iPhone 6 (plus) you may see the following error when you select "Get password".





AuthAnvil SoftTokens are tied to the device, not the OS. When you move to new hardware you will get new device information like a new IMEI, a new SIM card ID and various other attributes used to protect your SoftToken. When the SoftToken sees a mismatch the application will close down and fail securely, not allowing you to get access to the key cipher material as the information originally used doesn't match.



Whenever you move to new hardware, you need to activate a new SoftToken.

  1. The SoftToken will need to be reset following the steps in this article
  2. Assign a SoftToken and have the user complete the steps in the self-enrollment email.



All iPhones 6 (plus) that have been restored from an older device using the AuthAnvil SoftToken app.



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