How do I prevent my iPhone SoftToken from failing when upgrading to iOS 7?

Existing users moving to iOS7 must apply this update and generate at least one OTP before doing the OS upgrade to keep your current SoftToken keys. Otherwise the user will require their SoftToken to be reset.

Note: If you haven’t reset a SoftToken before, please check out this video, or visit for more information.

You can find the updated AuthAnvil SoftToken on the App Store now.

By the way this was published in the Scorpion Software Blog.

If that fails to resolve the users issues we recommend that you uninstall the App and re-download and install via

Then reset the SoftToken in the AA Manager https://(FQDN)/AuthAnvil/Manager/Logon.aspx and in the Customer Portal Then complete enrollment just like when it was first assigned.

Lastly complete enrollment just like when it was first assigned.


If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at or send an email to

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