How can I troubleshoot AuthAnvil Manager logon failures? (Legacy)

There are several procedures that can be used to troubleshoot login failures.

Procedure 1

(AuthAnvil v4.1 and earlier): Ensure that the licensing service "AuthAnvil Licensing Manager" is running. There will be corresponding entries in the event logs. There will be entries found under both the Application and AuthAnvil event log sources.


Procedure 2

If you are able to successfully authenticate, then your token is in sync with the server and is not locked. In AuthAnvil v4.x, try using the Management Console to make sure your account has access to the AuthAnvil Manager (see this blog post for instructions). In AuthAnvil v3.5 and earlier, open the AuthAnvil Configuration Wizard and verify that your user has Site Admin permissions.

Procedure 3

Open the tool at C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil\AuthAnvilTools\AAWebConfigEditor.exe to view the Admin and SAS URLs. The SAS URL is used for authentication while the Admin URL is used for the Manager functions.

Try copying the URLs into a browser window on the AuthAnvil server. If the Admin URL is incorrect or is not resolving properly, the Manager will not function properly. If the SAS URL is incorrect, authentication will fail.


Procedure 4

Using SQL Management Studio or SQL Reporting services, connect to the AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth database (called Anvil in SQL) and look in the dbo.Logs table for the most recent entry. It will tell you why the authentication failed.



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