Adding Virtual System Administrator (VSA) R9.2- newer in Single Sign On v4.7 or newer

Note: This process is only for Kaseya VSA  R9.2. If you are using R9.1 please see this guide




  • Kaseya VSA R9.2 patch 7 ( or newer.
  • AuthAnvil 2FA v5.6 - newer
  • AuthAnvil SSO v4.7 - newer



Adding Kaseya VSA to Single Sign On v4.7

To add Kaseya via SSO please follow these steps.

Log into your AuthAnvil Manager 

  1. Select Single Sign On > Applications > Add New Application.
  2. Choose Add an application from the Catalog.



Application Configuration

Select Enable this application

Select the Roles you want to have access to this application.

Once you have updated the settings select Protocol Configuration.

Protocol Configuration

Update the Reply To URL to reflect your Kaseya Server.
Note:  Replace http://kaseyamachine with the external SSL protected Base URL for your Kaseya VSA server.

Attribute Maps


  1. Select Attribute Maps. Remove the following attribute
    Attribute Name: {Email}
    Attribute Value:

    If you are not using Domain based authentication to log into VSA.
    Attribute Name{User.UserName}
    Attribute Value:

    If you are using Domain based authentication to log into VSA please add the following attributes.
    Attribute Name: 
    Attribute Value:
    Attribute Name: {User.domain}
    Attribute Value: domain
  2. Select Save changes.


Note: Domain authentication users will need to add the following attribute to each SSO user that will be using VSA from the SSO portal.

In the AuthAnvil Manager > Single Sign On > Users > Specific user > Add new Attribute.

Attribute Name: domain

Attribute Value: yourdomain.local

Note: Replace your domain.local with the domain you have configured in VSA for authentication.
Note: These attributes are case sensitive.


You should now see the application in the SSO Sign On portal.






Enabling Single Sign On in Kaseya VSA

Note: This integration requires that the steps in this article have already been completed. 

  1. First log into the AuthAnvil Manager https://(Your Domain)/AuthAnvil/Manager > Single Sign On > Server Settings.
  2. Download Certificate.
  3. Copy this certificate to the Kaseya VSA server.

Log into Kaseya VSA. Select AuthAnvil. Select Configure Kaseya Logon.

  • Under Kaseya Single Sign On Configuration
  • Select enable Single Sign On to Kaseya.
  • Update the Reply to URL: https://(YourKaseyaServer)/vsapres/web20/core/ssologin.aspx
    Note: Replace (YourKaseyaServer) with the fully qualified domain name of your Kaseya VSA Server.
  • Upload the certificate previously downloaded from the AuthAnvil Server.


Select Save Settings.

You should now be able to log into Virtual System Administrator via the SSO portal.



If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at or send an email to


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