How can I redirect OWA logins to RWW login for SBS 2003? (Legacy)

RWWGuard is not designed to protect OWA directly, however this workaround will redirect the OWA logins to RWW.

Open “C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\exchweb\bin\auth\owalogon.asp” with Notepad.

After the line that says “<% Language=VBScript %>”, add the following: 

<%                 ' Added to force user to log onto RWW-Guard before accessing email remotely                 Response.Redirect( "/Remote/" ) %>

This will force a redirect to the RWW-Guard logon before allowing people to access OWA.

Note: These steps are for RWW running on SBS 2003. For RWW on SBS 2008, please see the SBS 2008 version of this article.


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