RWW Logon Will Not Load After Uninstalling RWWGuard (SBS 2003 only) (Legacy)


When you attempt to load RWW it fails and you get a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error.



One of the three following conditions is true:

Condition 1: An old browser shortcut or bookmark that was created after installing RWWGuard is being used to open the site. 

Condition 2: The browser is loading a cached copy of the RWW logon page.

Condition 3: The restored version of the web.config is referencing the RWWGuard.aspx instead of the logon.aspx that RWW normally uses.


Condition 1: Open the properties of the bookmark or shortcut and change it to https://<domain>/Remote

Condition 2: Open https://<domain>/remote and then hold CTRL+SHIFT and click refresh. This will force the browser to clear its cache and load a fresh copy of the page.

Condition 3: Open RWW's web.config with notepad and check if the path that its using is the correct one. The default location for this file is C:\inetpub\remote\web.config

Look near the end of the file for the following line:

<forms name="RemotePortalAuth" loginUrl="rwwguard.aspx" protection="All" path="/" timeout="120" />Change the loginUrl value to logon.aspx as follows:<forms name="RemotePortalAuth" loginUrl="logon.aspx" protection="All" path="/" timeout="120" /

Save the file and refresh the RWW logon page.


RWWGuard / SBS 2003 only


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