AuthAnvil Management Pack scripts missing after import into Labtech 2013

Note: This integration is no longer supported or maintained by the AuthAnvil team. Please use at your own discretion. For assistance from Labtech please contact their support via


Labtech 2012

If you have access to Labtech 2012 then we might be able to resolve this by following this process.

When importing scripts in to LabTech, the system looks to see if a folder id in your system matches the folder id that the script was exported from. If so, the script is imported into that folder. In some cases the folder it was imported to does not have the same name as the folder it was exported from even though the folder id matches.
In this case you will have to search the script folders to find the script.
1. Right click the word Scripts at the top of the Scripts Tree
2. Select Find Script.
3. Type the name or a keyword within the script's name into this search to locate it.

Scenario 1
The script is exported from a version prior to LabTech 2013 (60.262). LabTech no longer supports these scripts and there is no way to import them.

Scenario 2
The file was exported from a newer version of LabTech. To resolve this update to the newest build of LabTech.

Scenario 3
None of the above scenario match. The export or file may be corrupted. Below are some steps to test for corruption.
1. Attempt to import the script into another LT system to test if it imports correctly.
2. Re-export the file. If the file has large files it downloads from the LT share, try editing the script and removing that step from the script. Disabling the line will not work as the file will still be included in the export.
3. If the above two options fail send a copy of the export to the LabTech. support team so we can review it. KB Article []


Labtech 2013

You may also be able to use the scripts attached to this article however they have not been tested.

Note: The attached scripts are not tested and are provided as is.


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