Enabling the AuthAnvil Logon with Kaseya VSA R9.1 - newer

When you access the AuthAnvil Module for the first time in Kaseya R9.1 you will notice a configuration wizard. This configuration wizard will allow you to configure the AuthAnvil integration built into VSA R9.1

Note: This integration requires a working AuthAnvil Server. If you are not a current AuthAnvil subscriber please contact for more information about signing up.


Log into VSA R9.1



Select the AuthAnvil Module > Configure AuthAnvil Settings



Select - I would like to configure Two Factor Auth Only.

Select Begin.

Note: See this article if you would like to add both the Logon protection and the Password Server integration.

Next Enter the SAS URL for your AuthAnvil Server.


Note: You can verify the SAS URL by checking the AAWebConfigEditor located in C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil\AuthAnvilTools\ on the AuthAnvil server.

Two Factor Auth Server Site ID is "1" by default.

Define a White listed User that will not require Two Factor Authentication.


Select Verify Settings.


Once you see the settings are valid select Next.

Now that you have the logon protection configured you can select Finish to apply the settings.



You should now see the same logon prompt.


However as soon as you enter your password and select Log On you will see the following prompt.

Note: This requires a login from a user not in the White list.



Once logged in you can manage your user & IP white lists via AuthAnvil Module > Two Factor Auth > Configure Kaseya Logon


In the AuthAnvil Module you can choose to enable the Two Factor logon requirement.

White listed users should be entered in the following format. Comma separated with no spaces

fred,john,james to,,


 IP's can be entered as comma separated with no spaces. IP's will need be entered using CIDR format.



Selecting Save Settings  will log you out of VSA.



If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at or send an email to

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