Kaseya Portal Access redirects back to login screen (Kaseya 6.3) (Legacy)


Using the AuthAnvil 2FA Addin for Kaseya 6.3, logging into Kaseya with a Portal Access user redirects the user back to the login screen without showing a success or failure.



A change in Kaseya's Portal Access functionality for Kaseya v6.3 is sending data that the AuthAnvil 2FA Addin does not expect.



Open up the AuthAnvil.asp file (C:\Kaseya\WebPages\AuthAnvil\inc\AuthAnvil.asp) and near line 215 you will find the following line of code:

Session("passThrough").setSelect = "";

 Add the following line to reflect this change:

Session("passThrough").loginState = 8; Session("passThrough").setSelect = "";

 Save the file and test a login with a Portal Access account. It should log in to KLC successfully.



AuthAnvil 2FA Addin v3.6.0.4 or earlier



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