Troubleshooting Password Server Addin Integration with Kaseya (Legacy)


When logging into Kaseya with 2FA, clicking on the Password Server tab displays the PWS login screen.

Cause #1

The Web Service URL is incorrect or unable to be resolved. You can test this by trying to log in to the AuthAnvil Password Server where the login appears inside Kaseya. The login page will refresh with no error message.

Cause #2

Single Sign On has not been properly configured to allow this user or the AuthAnvil Password Server application. Verify that your Kaseya username is able to log in to the SSO portal and can access the AuthAnvil Password Server through this portal.

Cause #3

You do not have all the required components installed, or they are not running the proper compatible versions.


Resolution #1

Open the file at C:\Kaseya\WebPages\AAPS_Addin\web.config. Scroll down about halfway until you see “endpoint address” and update the URL to point to your AuthAnvil Password Server web service using http. Copy and paste this URL into the browser to make sure it is able to be resolved.

Resolution #2

If your username is unable to log in to SSO, check the Auth Logs in the AuthAnvil Manager to see if there are any errors corresponding to your Kaseya or SSO login. Double-check that your Kaseya username exists in AuthAnvil, and that it has been enabled in SSO. Consult the SSO documentation to verify you have correctly configured your username and application:

Resolution #3

Double-check that your product versions match the following:

  1. AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth, v4.6 or later (viewable at the bottom of the AuthAnvil Manager page)
  2. AuthAnvil 2FA Addin for Kaseya, v3.0 or later (in the AuthAnvil / Two Factor Auth tab in Kaseya, click “About AuthAnvil Addin”)
  3. AuthAnvil Single Sign On v3.0 or later (viewable at the bottom of the SSO login page)
  4. AuthAnvil Password Server v1.5 or later (viewable at the bottom of the AAPS login page)



AuthAnvil Password server Kaseya Addin.


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