How do I upgrade AuthAnvil 3.5 to v5 when AuthAnvil is installed on the same web site as Kaseya? (Legacy)

Since AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth v5 does not support co-existing on the same IIS web site as Kaseya, you will need to follow a slightly different procedure to do the upgrade:

  1. Follow the instructions in step 1 of the AuthAnvil upgrade guide to back up your AuthAnvil database to a format that is compatable with 2FA v5, making sure to put the backup in a safe place outisde of the AuthAnvil folder.
  2. Create a new web site in IIS, and bind it using an appropriate port and certificate.
  3. Uninstall your existing copy of AuthAnvil.
  4. Use the instructions in the installation guide to do a New Install and Restore Data using the bup file that you created in step 1. Restore it to the new web site in IIS that you created in step 2.
  5. For legacy support, download and run the Legacy SAS Script to create the "AuthAnvilSAS" directory on the Default Web Site in IIS. This will allow current clients to continue authenticating with no immediate configuration changes required, allowing you to change the SAS URLs at your convenience. (Direct link to SAS Script:

Note: If you are running AutoTask or ConnectWise integration, you will need to edit the Legacy SAS script so that the web site value name matches the name of your new web site, then run it again to install the legacy support on your new web site, rather than temporarily on the Kaseya site.



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