AuthAnvil Password Server v2.8 - Release Notes

Release Notes

We have just released the next hosted version of AuthAnvil Password Server. 


Features, Advantages, Benefits

With the new enhancements and Fixes introduced, installations will have a higher rate of succession through automation, general navigation and warnings are made out to be clearer for the end user, along with a couple of Fixes for SAML integration parties.


Element Type Summary
Install Fix PWS installs Prerequisites on Windows Server 2016.
Install Fix PWS and 2FA installation now supports Azure SQL v12.
Install Fix PWS Install on Windows Server 2008R2 will now succeed with a pre-existing SQL instance. 
Install Fix PWS install wizard now includes an Upgrade option.
Install Fix PWS installation now has the ability to download and install SQLExpress when SQLExpress was not present or option. chosen.
Install Fix PWS Upgrade now detects the version of a previously or currently installed Password Server instance.
Uninstall Fix PWS installer now rolls back the changes if the end user presses cancel during an install or upgrade.
Roles Fix When adding a Role, the error message alerts of all missed requirements at once.
Vaults Enhancement The Password Reveal window URLs now have valid hyperlinks.
Passwords Enhancement Increased the grammatical correctness of the Import Passwords screen.
Vaults Fix Increased the consistency of the error/information bar that appears at top of Private Vault page.
Org Creation Fix Updated the creation of organizations to match the validation behavior shown when creating users.
Navigation Fix Ability to use shortcut keys to refresh when viewing Scopes in PAssword server.
Workflows Enhancement We have added several thousand new SSO workflows in the Web Workflow catalog.



Additional information

The v2.8 download is available here

The Password Server upgrade guide can be found here

The Password Server installation guide can be found here.




If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at or send an email to



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