AuthAnvil Single Sign On v4.5 - Release Notes

With the latest version of AuthAnvil Single Sign On (version 4.5) we have made strides to align all our products together in a single stack. A key shift is that we have made some core architectural changes:

  • We have moved to the Microsoft .NET 4.5 framework for all components.
  • We support SQL Server 2014 Express Edition
  • We now install AuthAnvil Single Sign On with AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth

As part of this release, we have also:

  • Fixed 25 internal and UI defects and added feature requests reported by customers.
  • Added official support for IE 11 for the SSO Assistant.
  • Enhanced attribute mapping configuration
  • Simplified the administrative UI in the AuthAnvil Manager
  • The SSO Portal is now following responsive design to make it more mobile friendly 
  • Added one-click configuration for certificates between AuthAnvil Single Sign On and AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth
  • Added a new Application Catalog for SSO apps.
  • Added a new simplified clustering install mode to the installer.


Fixes and Feature Additions

Most of the defects that have been fixed has been in the UI overhaul. These include usability bugs relating to inconsistencies in layout, styles and behaviors. We have also redesigned certain behaviors in the Office 365 module to better handle error conditions coming from Microsoft Online Services.


Enhanced Attribute Mapping

We have introduced a much more refined attribute mapping editor that not only allows you to select attributes, but create them based on dynamic and static subparts. This allows for much more creative control over the attribute transforms as consumed by federated applications.



UI enhancements

As part of the UI redesign, we also simplified the way you interact with users, roles and applications by allowing you to immediately add them right in the configuration as you are working with it. This significantly speeds up management of these particular aspects of SSO.


Enhancements to the SSO portal

In this release, we have made SSO more mobile-friendly. Below is a screenshot of what it looks like on an iPhone 5S.



Application Catalog

One of the new things happening inside the company is we are expanding our application catalog significantly with a new team of Catalog Coordinators. In this release, we have built the plumbing to publish applications to AuthAnvil to ensure you get the latest configurations for applications that support federation. Below is a screenshot of what that looks like inside of the AuthAnvil Manager.


We have over 400 federated applications that we are currently adding to the catalog, and you will start to see them right within the manager as they are available.


AuthAnvil Clustering 

Along with AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth, AuthAnvil Single Sign On benefits from the new simplified clustering architecture introduced in this release. It makes it much easier to setup and deploy additional nodes to your cluster as needed with a single CLU file. Please see the release notes for AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth for more information. 

Ready to Go, or do you need some help?

If you are ready to move forward with this update, it will be automatically installed when you upgrade AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth to v5.5.  Here is a direct link to the installer.



If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at or send an email to

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