AuthAnvil Password Solutions Addin for Kaseya (v7.0) - Released


On May 31st, 2014 Kaseya released Kaseya VSA v7.0. As of June 18th, this release is compatible and supported with AuthAnvil Password Solutions, hold that to a few incompatible areas that are noted below.

Kaseya has added some exciting new security capabilities to help safeguard agent procedures and tighten the attack surface of their product. We are working closely with Kaseya to ensure continued integration, but as it stands, Kaseya has completed some, but not all, integration points required to maintain interoperability with our solution stack as represented in Kaseya v6.5. 

Integration and Support Status

Below is a list of AuthAnvil capabilities within Kaseya and its current state:

  • AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth on login: Supported. You must have Kaseya v7.0 Patch 11 installed to use this feature.

  • AuthAnvil agent procedures: Supported. Kaseya has completed integration testing and has provided us a new set of agent procedure scripts which we loaded into our installer for official support.

  • AuthAnvil Kaseya Live Connect support. Supported with one exception. All KLC protection functionality properly working as expected. However, the new Kaseya Remote Control (KRC) will bypass the 2FA requirement for a protected agent. So when you click on the agent, it will launch KRC. If you click on "File Manager" etc, it will do a 2FA enforcement check, if configured.

  • AuthAnvil Password Server integration: Supported with known issue. With the introduction of Kaseya v7, AuthAnvil is now officially integrated as a code component. Therefore, the AuthAnvil code constructs included in the AuthAnvil/inc directory are no longer used in favor of the built in integration from Kaseya. You must have Kaseya v7.0 Patch 14 installed. 

    Update 6/18/2013: Kaseya is currently aware of an issue with their new Kaseya Application Firewall (KAF) where randomly it seems to block clicks within Kaseya. This affects all modules, not just ours. The result is you will see the browser "spinning", but no action occurs. The current workaround is to simply click a different item in the treeview menu navigation (like the about link) and then back. This will free up the lock in KAF and allow you to continue on. Kaseya is aware of the issue and their engineering group is working on a fix.

At this time, Scorpion Software fully supports (minus the exceptions noted above) our AuthAnvil Addin For Kaseya, and it is now available to all our paying customers of the module. Please open a case and contact support for the latest download information for the module.

Note: The free AuthAnvil Management Pack is now supported on Kaseya v7.0. The Kaseya v7.0 compatible Management Pack is available here.

For continued integration tracking you can use this KB article, or track general Kaseya progress at 


If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at or send an email to

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