AuthAnvil Password Server v2.5 - Release Notes

A new version of AuthAnvil Password Server is available!

With the latest version of AuthAnvil Password Server (version 2.5) we have made some very noticeable changes right out of the box. The very first time you log in you will see the awesome makeover it received:




We're really excited about the changes in this version, most obviously the new user interface. It looks cleaner, it loads faster, and it's easier to navigate. The performance has been improved substantially in the database as well as in the website, loading pages like Vault and Password lists dynamically. There is also a completely new menu option at the top of the page:



All passwords are currently sorted into Vaults and Scopes. But what if you could organize all of your passwords based on the device, machine, or website that they are used for? What if you could find all of the passwords for that specific resource with a single click? That's what Associations allow you to do!

Create an Association for your domain controller, or a critical firewall, and link related passwords to it. Then, rather than going into the Vaults menu and finding your password, just click on "Associations" and go straight to the resource you want; all of your device-related passwords are right there!

Associations help you find passwords even faster.


They also become a key part of your ITIL process. Associations can be mapped up to Configuration Items (CIs) for things like BMC Remedy Footprint CIs or into Kaseya Machine Group Agents. Cross-compile the information between the Scopes and Associations to maintain tracking to whatever IT Service Management (ITSM) processes your organization follows.

Finally, not only can you link several passwords to a single Association, you can map a single password to several Associations. This allows you to track credentials across hosts, like domain administrator credentials that need to be available to several key systems.



What else is new in AuthAnvil Password Server v2.5?

List View

On the Associations, Vaults, and Password pages, we are using a new visual layout that allows more items to be seen at once, and offers a much more responsive user experience. 



Favorites Expanded

You can now have up to 25 favorites. 

Delegated Trust Login

We have had several integration partners ask for the capability to hook directly into the AuthAnvil Password Server to be able to read and store credentials. In this release we have made that available through "delegated trust".

A "delegated trust" login is just that. It is a trusted relationship between a third party and the AuthAnvil Password Server in which AuthAnvil trusts the endpoint through the use of a special X.509 certificate generated by the calling party and registered within AuthAnvil. We further lock that down by mapping the certificate to the calling party through both a forward and reverse DNS lookup against the Common Name (CN) of the certificate. In this way, you can decide if you trust an application like BMC Remedy, Kaseya  or ConnectWise to be able to view and store passwords within their application.

Improved Browser Support for "Copy to Clipboard"

Copying passwords to your clipboard uses a new Flash-based module, making it more universal. All browsers with flash support will now support full "Copy to Clipboard" via the button on the modal panel during a reveal. 


Sorted Workflows

Workflows are now be sorted by name. 

Improved Tasks

Tasks include more useful information and they can now be viewed on a dedicated tasks page rather than filling up the dashboard. 


Improved Restore

We have rewritten the restore process to be more resilient, properly managing the Application Pools in IIS to prevent data collisions with live interactions. 

Optional Descriptions

The Description field is now be optional for Passwords and Vaults. 

Advanced Search

Within Favorites, Vaults, Scopes, Passwords and Associations you now have contextually advanced searching and sorting. Depending where you are you can limit the number of returned records and can even do fast auto-complete lookups on things like Scope names.


This is always available to you when you see the "Search Options" button. Below is an example of a search with autocomplete for a Scope name filter:


Multi-workflow Upload

You can now select more than one SAMLX web workflow at a time to import into Password Server. They will be give names based on their file names. (Not supported in IE) 

Third-party Access to Note field

The Third Party Access Record now includes the Note data in the extraField1 property. 

Direct Navigation Links

We have added the ability to create Direct Navigation Links so you can link for external applications directly to a Vault or Scope within the AuthAnvil Password Server.

Here is the format for a Vault link:


YOURFQDN is your fully qualified domain name ( etc) and the vaultid is the numeric value of the vault. If you do not know it, you can get this through PowerShell using the following command:

(Get-AaPwsVault "Your Vault Name").Id

You can do the same at the Scope level through the ScopeId value in the above query. Then you would simply map the URL to:


Then you can map that as a URL in something like Kaseya or ConnectWise, and automatically jump to the Scope or the Vault as required from the third party app.


SQL Performance Enhancements

SQL optimization has improved the overall database performance. Overall performance has increased by 64%!! 

Streamlined Auditing

Auditing has been improved to focus on important events, reducing the load of less useful information.

User Interface Upgrades

Using BootStrap and Knockout javascript libraries, we have vastly improved the speed and responsiveness of many UI pages, to make searching and navigated easier.

Ready to Go, or do you need some help?

If you are ready to move forward with this update, you can grab the latest release here. For upgrade instructions, you can go here. And if this is your first installation, make sure you head here first.

Of course, if you don't want to do this on your own, we do have a pro-services team ready and willing to help. Reach out to your account manager or email for more information on our professional service offerings.


If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at or send an email to


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