AuthAnvil Single Sign On v4.0 - Release Notes

AuthAnvil Single Sign on v4.0 has been released.


New Features




Advanced Password Server Integration

  • Users can now log into web applications using forms-based auth
  • Users can now launch the RDP connector from with the Portal


Tabbed Organization

  • Users can organize their applications and RDP connections into tabs


Log Cleanup

  • Logs for background schedules are now automatically cleaned up after a period of time


SAML 1.1 Support

  • AuthAnvil Single Sign On now supports the SAML 1.1 protocol provisionally


Non-Expiring ActiveSync Keys

  • Administrators can now specify an infinite expiry for user ActiveSync keys


ActiveSync Key Requires Reveal

  • All users must explicitly reveal their ActiveSync keys to view them


User Experience Improvements

  • Username/password fields autofocus and watermarked
  • Applications support favoriting
  • Long-running actions show loading messages
  • Image requirements were simplified
  • ActiveSync key selection now easily selectable for users


Central Applications Catalog

  • The applications shipped with AuthAnvil Single Sign On are now part of a central catalog for all sites


Office 365 Multi-Tenancy

  • Web services now support multi-tenant scenarios for Office 365 based on domain names


Post-Install Multi-Tenancy

  • Administrators can now create new sites in AuthAnvil Single Sign On for multi-tenant scenarios


New System Roles

  • New roles have been created for all users and site administrators to simplify administration


Better Handling of Unsupported Browsers

  • Unsupported browsers are gracefully handled by the Portal


Multiple Session Warnings

  • Users now receive notifications when their account has logged into the Portal from another browser or machine while currently logged into an existing session


Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed latent stored procedure after uninstall
  2. Handles read-only databases
  3. Office 365 domain name validation fixed for domain name edge case
  4. Backup/Restore tool handles invalid XML Unicode characters gracefully
  5. Relay State now handles a specific edge case properly where it defaulted to a forward slash
  6. Cleans up latent image cache after uninstall
  7. Supports IE 10’s handling of specific AJAX calls
  8. Fixed drag and drop bug where an existing user in role was being added back to the role in place of a new user
  9. Service was expected to authenticate user before responding with UserNotEnabled and has been updated to authenticate user
  10. Warning messages are now shown in accordion section headers when their contents are in a warning state
  11. Audit log entries were culled to reduce noise
  12. Fixed user selection experience by expanding hit target area
  13. Fixed bug where filtering users failed when filter was a blank string
  14. When upgrading versions a duplicate instance of the WordPress application was added because of a misconfiguration
  15. When Office 365 credentials are reset the accordion now switches back to MSOL configuration section after postback
  16. Fixed a bug that collapsed the extended properties section of the attribute mapping when the properties were enabled or disabled
  17. In certain browsers the application sorting failed to move applications between endcaps
  18. When working with a non-Azure SQL database a warning is displayed in the log stating that an error occurred while trying to create a dependent object



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