AuthAnvil Password Server v1.7 - Release Notes

New Features


Bug Fixes

New Features

Import and Mass Creation
Administrators can now import large amounts of data in an XML format, and in the case of Vaults, or User and Roles, can rapidly populate an import from their respective pages, rather than needing to provide an XML file.

In addition to the import feature, Administrators can now Export data in an XML format, getting full exports of Scopes, Users and Roles, Permissions, Shared Vaults, and Passwords, or subsets of this information, down to just all Shared Passwords.

Org-wide Search
From any page in AuthAnvil Password Server, you can now search for a Password across all Vaults you have permissions to, searchable by name and description.

Personal Vaults
A new type of vault, between Shared and Private. Personal vaults are tied to a single user, like a private vault, but do not require an additional Password, and can be used in synchronization. Users can transfer ownership of their Personal Vaults to an Administrator if needed.

Retry Sync
If a Password goes out of Sync, instead of requiring a full Administrative Override, you can now simply retry the sync test with the current values. This can be done from the usual Sync Error page.

Password Breadcrumbs
On the Manage Password and Manage Personal Password pages, there are now breadcrumb links that will lead back to the current vault, and the current scope.

Customizable Regex
The regex values used in input validation are now stored in the database. Users can customize these values to add or remove valid characters from their own installation. Additionally, the current regex has been updated to the following: ‘ a-zA-Z0-9./@_:#\\”(),”&+?$%*=~^!-’


Performance Enhancements
Various improvements to speed, such as fewer, more centralized database calls, should provide an overall improvement in performance.

Wait cursor>
On post actions, the cursor will now change to a ‘Waiting’ cursor, to better communicate that work is occurring behind the scenes.

Bug Fixes

Scheduler issue with charts
Fixed an issue with timestamps was causing performance issues at the end of the month, when charts were being automatically regenerated by the scheduler. This has been rewritten to be more efficient, and no longer causes periodic performance drops.

Item Sorting
In several places, items were being inconstantly sorted. Listviews and dropdowns, barring the Organization dropdown at login, are now sorted by name.

Odd Back button behavior
Fixed an issue where, for certain pages, using the back button would cause future pages to display old data.

Incorrect vault data displaying
Fixed an issue where recently viewed vault data (list of password names, access times, etc.) was being displayed to other users.


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